Daztek Network Services


A Fast & Safe Data Network Solution!

Welcome to Daztek Data Networking Services; With over 30 years of experience working with data networks, Daztek is well placed in helping you resolve all of the issues & challenges that you may face with your computer system.

What we offer...

At Daztek we understand 'Data Networking', having designed, implemented & managed large corporate data networks globally, we can provide you too, the same commitment and service for either your home office, medium or large business operation. Whether it's implementing & setting up switches, routers or firewalls, no job is to big or to small. We also can install structured network cabling, as well as optimising your WiFi to give you the best connectivity & network speed.

Do you have WiFi 'dead zones' or laggy WiFi? We can provide you WiFi extenders, that can boost & provide WiFi to every corner of your property. Do you have IoT (internet connected 'smart'devices) and are worry about vunerabilities or hacking attempts, we can provide our ethical hacker to undertake a comprehensive Penetration Test, for you to understand if you are exposed or not.

Computers can frustrate us and cause us some 'challenges' at the best of times. Whether its a PC that won't start up smoothly, an annoying error message, we at Daztek can help. Daztek can provide the BEST service for YOU! Best solutions, products & prices with a friendly service & happy customers.

We also understand your computers security, with our computer specialist trained in ethical hacking, you can rest a sure that we can review your computer system, making sure there are no nasties lurking & applying the best and most secure feature to your computer system.

Managed Services, Enterprise Services

For 'Enterpise' customers we can provide managed services such as operation management, incident management, service delivery management, programme & project management, business continuity or disaster recovery planning to name a few. Daztek are here to guide you all the way to success. With our knowledge, experience, expertise and commitment, Daztek can quickly streamline your business processes, improving performance & operational stability.