Daztek Computer Services


A Fast & Safe Computer System!

Welcome to Daztek Computer Services; With over 30 years of experience working with computer systems, Daztek is well placed in helping you resolve all of the issues & challenges that you may face with your computer system.

What we offer...

We offer a number of computer services centric to your computer system, with each service set to optimise & get your system running at the best performance possible. We can ensure your security features are update to date & enabled to keep out the 'bad guys'.

Whether it's a Computer Health Check, Computer Security review and remedation, System data backup, hardware or software install or just a jolly good system deep clean, we have got you covered!

Computers can frustrate us and cause us some 'challenges' at the best of times. Whether its a PC that won't start up smoothly, an annoying error message, we at Daztek can help. Daztek can provide the BEST service for YOU! Best solutions, products & prices with a friendly service & happy customers.

We also understand your computers security, with our computer specialist trained in ethical hacking, you can rest a sure that we can review your computer system, making sure there are no nasties lurking & applying the best and most secure feature to your computer system.

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