Daztek CCTV Security Systems


Concerns with home or office security?

Well you should be concerned, with the rate of burglaries & break-ins on the increase, especially in rural villages & towns. Thieves can strike at anytime day or night. But according to the UK Goverment crime statistics, the most activity happens at night. What are they looking for? Well referring back to the UK Goverment crime statistics their main target is money, cash cards, wallet/ purse next jewellery & watches. Also on the list were items found outside of your property vehicle/vehicle parts, items in your shed & even garden furniture! So don't be reactive after the event, be proactive, and get a CCTV system installed before you become a victim!

But don't panic, at Daztek we can provide you CCTV Systems, Installation & Servicing. A friendly family run business, with over a decade of experience & knowledge. We can help, Daztek the BEST service for YOU! Best products & prices, friendly service, happy customers.

What we offer...

Daztek home security systems offer you the best value to help protect you, your family and your valued posessions. You can stay connected to your property, with a choice of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) security systems, you can choose from various system options from 4 to 16 channels and connect from 2 up to 16 cameras. Our NVR (Network Video Recorder) security systems have 4 to 16 channel options, suitable for large properties and businesses.

All of our NVR and DVR security systems provide remote viewing, enabling you to view security footage remotely either from a computer, your smartphone or tablet. CCTV camera resolutions range from 1080p High Definition (2 megapixels), Super-HD (5 megapixels) & 4K Ultra High Definition (8 megapixels), ensuring you can see & record your CCTV footage clearly. All of our security cameras have night vision (range @30 mtrs), so you can detect & record in the dark of night & are IP66 rated, suitable for any outdoor weather conditions.

Our systems bullet cameras are an ideal outdoor camera, using heat sensing thermal detection with motion detection as well as night vision. Other cameras solutions that only use motion detection are often triggered by many meaningless events, such as a tree blowing or dog running by. Our security cameras utilize infrared heat technology which means they are only triggered when sensing heat (from cars or people).

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Superior camera quality

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Hi-Tech detection

Mobile viewing

Advance image quality

All Daztek security systems are quality branded Swann systems, who have been in the home security business for over 30 years. Our systems and covered by a 12 month warranty, free 24/7 technical support. We deal directly with the manufacturer, so you get the best deals possible. We stock all the various CCTV systems, & also upgrades for your system, whether its additional cameras, DVR/NVR or hard disks for storage, we have all the individual component available for you. So rest a sure that if after years of system service something gets damaged, breaks or fails, your investment will always maintained by the plentiful stock of replacements parts for this system.

Note: We DO NOT stock or install the easy option of WiFi CCTV cameras, and here is why;

1) We understand security well & know that criminals are capable of jamming the cameras WiFi signals before they are captured on the CCTV cameras, rendering your CCTV WiFi cameras ability to send video signals to your DVR & storage, resulting in nothing being captured or recorded, not good!

2) WiFi signals can become unstable with interference from other WiFi devices, resulting in poor WiFi connectivity & ultimately poor video captured & poor recordings, not good!