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Daztek is here to help you with all your IT needs.

  • We specialise in all aspects of technology
  • So much more than just a 'Consultancy Service'
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  • Remember no job is to BIG or to small
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With over 30 years of experiance in global IT service management, Programme Management, IT Service Delivery, IT Auditing, Trader Voice, Data Networking & IT Security Engineering. We bring you a personal & client focused approach to every customer we work with.

Managing Director Darrell Hixon

Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, we can quickly understand your needs & swiftly provide the service you need, with the support you deserve. We have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

For example, we have sucessfully completed a large number of office and data centre migrations across the globe for one of the biggest inter-dealer brokers in the world.

Our holistic view gives businesses the opportunity to understand their potential and reap the benefit and cost savings they deserve.

Our Solutions

You want the best performance & speed from your system. Our service specialist will review and optimise your system to get the very best performance possible.
Viruses, Rootkits, Spyware, Malware, Adware, Ransomware & Cryptominners :- Do you know if your system is really virus free! Is your PC part of a Botnet? Do you perform online payments and worry about your security! We can ensure your security posture on your PC & Network is 'CLEAN' without any hidden nasty vulnerabilities lurking.
What would happen if your system crashed, or you had to wipe your system after an irremovable Ransomeware or Virus issue. Do you have a full data backup? We will back up the data on your hard drive, so if you lose anything, you’ll have a spare copy of it on hand already. We will also provide you a list of all your important computer software serial numbers, so if you do have to reinstall anything, you will have the confidence that you can do so easily without any issues.
We can install new hardware & software to your device. This can include anything from extra memory to upgrade your PC, to printers and webcams. We can advise you on the best solution to purchase for you setup.
Also with crime on the increase, we now provide a full CCTV installation service. Using our High-Definition CCTV solution, you can easily see & capture who is doing what, where & when!
We can provide you & install the latest in CCTV technology, with High-Definition, Super High-Definition or 4k image quality. Futhermore our high quality CCTV system cameras have heat sensing, night vision & motion sensing, detection capabilities so nothing bypasses detection. Super High-Definition & 4k cameras further enhance the ability to provided detailed images like car license plates & peoples faces for example. Sadly in today's world with the increasing crime rates & anti-social behavior, CCTV is not just a luxury item, it's a necessity!
At Daztek we understand Networking, having designed, implemented & managed large corporate networks global, we can provide you too, the same commitment and service for either your home office, medium or large business. Whether it's implementing & setting up switches, routers or firewalls, no job is to big or to small. We also can install structured network cabling, as well as optimising your WiFi to give you the best connectivity & network speed. Do you have WiFi 'dead zones' or laggy WiFi? We can provide you WiFi extenders, that can boost & provide WiFi to every corner of your property.
Whether you need advice on the latest technology, draw up process models, policies or procedures. Help or guidance on your business model or operations, incident management, service delivery management, project management, business continuity or disaster recovery planning Daztek are here to guide you all the way to success. With our knowledge, experience, expertise and commitment, Daztek can quickly streamline your business processes, improving performance & operational stability.

Our Expertise

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Computer Security
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Computer Data Backup
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Hardware & Software installations
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CCTV Systems & Installations
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Network Services
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IT Consultancy Services
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A few words from Daztek's Managing Director...

Hi, my name is Darrell Hixon, and welcome to Daztek Ltd. Daztek was setup with the aim to assist businesses who need help & guidance with technology. Having worked around the world with some of the worlds biggest companies (see LinkedIn profile below), i understand the challenges and frustrations that customers face. With that in mind it's my goal to bring you the best customer service experience possible.

We specialise in 3 core areas, IT Consultancy, IT Service Management & Voice & Data Networking. So whether it's performing a global IT audit, project managing an implementation of a large complex computer network or programme managing a large digital transition from legacy on-prem services into the cloud, we are here to provide you the confidence & commitment to cover all your requirements and needs. Remember NO job is to big or to small.

So what are you waiting for, call us now or send us an email!


Darrell Hixon - Managing Director